Understanding the importance of what goes in our food and their lifestyle.




Established February 6, 2015, our name was inspired from our roots located close to Lake Huron with our continuous time spent at the beach and the enjoyment of owning a farm. 

Our farm has been offering the best selection of products at high quality standards. Our online store has become imperative, and we ensure a continuous variety of delicious foods we raise directly on our farm. Limited quantity available as we ensure the comfort and best lifestyle of the animals needs. For safety purposes, we ask that you do not bring animals onto our farm at any time. Please park at the road if they are in your vehicle.

We also create handmade items that can fit any budget. Art has always been a therapeutic resource. As a Journey Person Welder, creating with steel has been a bonus. Other materials include: driftwood, beach glass, beach pebble, stained glass, feathers, animal hide, bones, and other repurposed items. Focused on creating from the farm, along with inspiration from Lake Huron, we're sure there is something that might catch your eye. Check out our collection here!



Ayla the Mini Pig (Juliana/Vietnamese) DOB: 9/19/2019, Photo 6/2020
Cornel the Oliver 'Egger' Rooster DOB: Spring 2019, Photo: 4/20
Ami the Ancona Duck DOB: 3/20, photo: 4/20
Chuck the Hereford Steer DOB: 6/19, photo 5/20
Rifle our barn cat (female) DOB: 5/13, Photo: 6/20
Tank our German Shepherd (male) DOB: 10/10, Photo: 4/20
White Rock Meat Chickens (Broilers)(processed)
Lauren our Dutch Rabbit (doe) DOB: 4/19, photo: 4/20
Kinder our first goat born on the farm (buck). 2017-18 SOLD
Buster the Flemish Giant Rabbit (buck) DOB: 9/19, Photo: 4/20
Chick hatched on the farm (sold)
Baby birds born at our farm
Fluffy cheek pullet (sold)
Johnny and June our Grey Geese DOB: 9/19, Photo: 3/20
Nellie and Nala our Nigerian Dwarf Goats 2018 (Sold and Deceased)
Babe the Flemish Giant (doe) DOB: 3/20
Bee from our garden out front
Kinder "surprise" Nigerian Dwarf/Pigmy goat born on our farm
The ladies giving us their first eggs (Sold)
First duck hatched on the farm (Sold)
Easter hatch chickie
First round of turkeys (processed)
Selfie with Heffie the beef heifer
tweet tweet
First hatch of ducks (sold)
First ducks at the farm (diseased)
Our free ranged layers
Nellie the Nigerian Dwarf goat (Doe) (diseased)
Taking the new chicks for a short walk
Candling one of our fertile eggs
Ayla the mini pig
Chick and Duck hatch 2020
First Kit of bunnies on the farm (dutch and flemish mix)
Ralph the Americana Rooster
Giving the steers kisses
Bath time with Ami!
Roxie the Flemish (doe) DOB: 3/20, Photo: 4/20
Ami's bath time DOB: 3/20
Ayla enjoying the fire place
Cuddles with Cauliflower the Oliver egger hen
Swarm of bees!
Cora the first goat on the farm (Sold)