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Our team is an incredible source of information, inspiration, and dedication to everything Huron Farm stands for. We’re so happy to work in something that we love so much, and invite you to learn more about us below.

The Noble's

Owners & Farmers

We are Terry and Nikki Noble. Together, with the help of our daughter, we operate Huron Farm as a second full-time lifestyle. Both of our main (paying the bills) careers are full time off-farm. The farm is our passion in which we respect the value that our animals have on this earth, no matter their outcome. Our farm operates year round with seasonal food and art.

Currently, we raise heritage chickens, quail, rabbits, and sheep year round. We purchase holistic steers every spring to finish the following winter. We hatch/welcome our meat chickens and raise them 2-4 times a year. We also welcome day old turkeys and raise them until thanksgiving. We welcomed bees this year and will be welcoming pigs into our annual lifestyle. Our dogs, cat, and goose work as guards, predator control & guides to manage our farm.

If you thought that wasn't enough, all the between "spare of our spare" time, after the full time off-farm shifts done, house & farm chores are completed, our child's homework is met, dinner in our bellies; I (Nikki) create art with all means of resource. In the last few years it seems to not happen as frequently, so pieces for sale are becoming more 'one of a kind'. I thank you for supporting my creative therapy :)

Terry and our daughters bonding chores are taping trees for maple syrup and collecting blood worms from our compost as fish bait.


Many of times we have contemplated closing to the public and maintaining a small 'for our family only' operation; but it's not what we believe. Taking care of 10 chickens has the same amount of responsibility as 50. (Chicken math is true!) We LOVE to be able to support the local community! We LOVE the convenience our location for our amazing customers is! We LOVE seeing and hearing reviews of the amazing meals our customers have created with our hard work! Our entire way we do business is for the local community's lifestyle; easy and convenient (Online, pick-up and EMT or farm sales for in person experience). We know we will keep growing as we can manage while not pushing it so we can still enjoy it. The moment we bought the farm in 2015, I have continually said my retirement goals are living fully off our farm as our own 'grocery store' utilizing every square foot of our land. I'll be that 'crazy' chicken lady selling homemade pies, lol. We got some time before then... like the year 2045 I believe....

Thanks for supporting our family! All our farm sale proceeds go right back into the farm to feed the animals, purchase the next batch, and build better shelter for them. We also love to donate back to the community, so thank you for supporting the "little guys".




Registered Purebred Border Collie (female)

Jill is our family member that is in training to help with chores. Born May 22, 2021, she is such a sweetie and we are excited for our future adventures! Jill will plan on becoming a mother in November-December 2023. You will most likely be greeted by Jill with a smile and a butt wag.


Belgian Malinois/King Shepherd (female)

Rae is our little trouble maker who has been successfully training in protecting the farm. Born November 27, 2022, she is such a loving dog and we are curious as to her guarding potential. If coming to the farm, you will most likely be greeted or hear Rae's welcome.

Alley Cat

Domestic Shorthaired 'Tabby' (female)

We adopted Alley cat in February 2023 from the humane society and kept her name. She was born roughly December 2021 and is the utmost affectionate and hard working felines we've met! She will come for a human snuggle, then jump off your lap to catch a mouse in the barn. Her home is on the farm, but main area is the barn and coop.


OUR FREE RANGED CHICKENS "The layin' ladies"

Ameraucana (Easter Eggers), Australorp, Dominiqu (barred rock), Langshan, Leghorn, Wyndotte, Orpington, and more...

Our wonderful laying chickens live a wonderful life out at the farm! They have access outside for 13 hours a day. Their area is covered in tress, access to a large pond, and lots of bugs and grass to scratch up. The delicious taste of farm fresh eggs is by far amazing! Our eggs range in colours: Brown, blue, green, chocolate, pink, and white. We have completed our rainbow cartons!


OUR QUAIL "The little ladies"

Jumbo Pharaoh Coturnix

These fluffy butts are small (under 1lb), but do they ever produce! We love their sounds and enjoy watching them dust bath and live their happy lives at the farm.

~We are currently trying to build an outdoor natural habitat which will keep the quails safe from predators (including rats!), weather-proof, but functional for our farm needs. They are the only animals on our farm which are raised free run instead of free range/pasture.~

Our Rabbits (Amelia, Barb, Callie, Daisy, Easter, Feebie, and Roberto)

Flemish x New Zealand

It is important our ladies are not overbred. So instead we have more moms so they only kit 1-2 times a year. Did you know rabbits only take 25-30 days to have an average of 8 baby bunnies? Known as a kit...

Our Sheep (Beth, Clara, Dolly, Elsa, Fay, Gale, Heidi & Ramsey)

Miniature Southdown (Babydoll)

Sheep are an animal solely from customers requests and wow... talk about what we've been missing! This breed is very docile easy tempered, but still skittish. They are all purebred and beautiful! 2023 was our first year of lambing with three ewes and we expect a larger flock for 2024 with 7 ewes.

The Boyz (Meatball, Steak, Sirloin, T-Bone, Chuck, and Rouladen)

Herdford Steers

With the same names every year, our steers live on our pastures in the 9 months we raise them to finish. They have shelter from severe weather and are fed hay on top of natural food like pumpkins.


The Turkey's

Miniature white classics

Gobble gobble! The coo's and sounds the turkeys make are so peaceful. We purchase day old turkeys in the summer to raise for 16 weeks for Thanksgiving. This breed is very docile and range in 16 weeks from 8-15 pounds.



Torlouse/Grey Geese

What a life for Johnny and June! They spend their time sun bathing, swimming in the pond, and protecting the chickens from predators. They are amazing at their job and mates for life.

~June has sadly passed away from what we think she got into nightshade.~

Welcoming to the farm... "The Sweeties" (Queen Lily & Queen Rose)

Honey Bees

Summer 2023, we FINALLY welcomed 'domestic' honeybees!!! (As we have had bees on our farm every year, they are wild and have made hives in non-accessible areas). Now we have brooders and supers!!

Coming in 2024... The three 'little' pigs... (TBD: Kevin, Hamlet, and Peppa)


We hope to welcome 'the three little pigs' in spring 2024 to add to the farms variety. We have more setting up to do first as pigs are clean, but very destructive.

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